Your staff continues to display and present itself on site with the utmost professionalism and ability to work through tough site conditions, schedules, and in some cases, additional requests. Their "can do" and cooperative attitude is exactly what we look for in our subcontractors.

- Mary S.

Water Damage Restoration Company Miami Gardens

Water damage affects literally millions of homes and businesses every year. The main causes of water damage is; heavy rain, flooding, appliance failures (washing machines, dishwashers and ice maker), and major fire extinguishing efforts. Additionally, any damage can be made worse if the water is left to sit out over a long period of time – as mold and mildew may form. Immediately addressing any water problems you may have can save thousands of dollars in repair costs, in the long run.

Our water damage cleanup specialists respond promptly to all of your emergencies. They can, and will, use a full range of water damage remediation techniques for water removal, drying and dehumidifying - so as to prevent further damage from occurring within your property. Our company offers the absolute highest quality of water and mold damage restoration, to homes and businesses in Miami Gardens and its surrounding areas. We can take care of the visible water, and even the water that you can’t see! We also ensure that a water problem doesn’t become a mold problem.

One of the most formidable tasks in a water damage cleanup project is drying out the area as quickly as possible, and then determining which items can be restored and which must be replaced. Linens, clothing, drapes and other textiles may simply need to be washed; however, books and other papers (like important documents) may be irreparably damaged. Water Damage Miami Gardens will be able to expertly advise you on which of your possessions can be salvaged and which cannot.

What are the benefits of choosing Water Damage Miami Gardens?

• We can contact you within 30 minutes of the notice of the loss, and be quickly onsite within 2 hours
• The majority of damage jobs require no demolition; meaning we can get repairs done in as little time as 3 days
• We will work directly and closely with your insurance company, so as to help settle your claim much faster.