Your staff continues to display and present itself on site with the utmost professionalism and ability to work through tough site conditions, schedules, and in some cases, additional requests. Their "can do" and cooperative attitude is exactly what we look for in our subcontractors.

- Mary S.

Mold Remediation - Mold Removal Miami Gardens

Finding mold is not always as easy as just stumbling upon the spores whilst you’re cleaning. If this were the case, most mold infestations would be cleaned up literally within days, repairs to leaky pipes and other moisture sources would be eliminated immediately. The truth about any mold infestation is that it is generally in the dark, deep, wet corners of your home, which are very often left unexplored.

Sometimes mold can grow in places that you can't even see, like behind wallpaper or drywall. The very best way to determine whether or not your home has mold is to contact Water Damage Miami Gardens, who can provide expert mold detection and mold testing. Mold detection is a physical examination of your home during which the contractor examines the favorite nesting spots of mold and examines for any signs that it is growing there.

Mold has a number of telltale signs, such as a distinctive smell and a unique appearance. It loves to grow, and hide, in damp, moist areas - such as those between walls and underneath floors, also in places where you have experienced basement water damage etc. If you suspect you have a mold problem at your home or office, it’s best to let the professional, certified mold removal specialists at Water Damage Miami Gardens handle the job. The mold specialists at Water Damage Miami Gardens understand how to diagnose and remove mold effectively, so that it doesn’t come back. Mold is a problem that must be taken care of immediately and efficiently.

Our Expert Mold Removal Services Involve:

- Review of all scientific data and protocol
- Professional on site evaluation and preparation of the appropriate course of action
- Decontamination and cleaning of remaining structural components
- Erection of proper containment barriers and negative air
- Decontamination, cleaning, and storage of salvageable contents
- Removal, containment, and disposal of contaminated structural components
- HEPA filtration system to cleanse all mold spores from the air

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